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Life Prep Coach in San Diego, CA is headed by John Rossitto, a life coach with years of experience. His passion for helping families with the whole college preparation has inspired and prepared individuals to further their academic life. He is also involved in community service planning, career path exploration, and program assessment. John is also a Certified College Planning Specialist and can offer direction to families in their financial preparation for college. He goes beyond financial assessment or counseling to personally deal with the whole academic and college search process.

About John Rossitto

About John Rossitto

John married his college sweetheart. His family is made up of 4 adult children, 3 biological daughters and an adopted son and an adolescent adopted daughter. They have a growing number of grandchildren. He lives in San Diego but dreams of owning a home with a Rocky Mountain view. A man with a big heart, John is often referred to as an inspirational speaker, story teller, coach and mentor.

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Your decisions today will affect your life tomorrow.  If you are at a confusing juncture in your life don’t hesitate to contact John to schedule a complementary coaching session. Book an appointment today to see how one conversation can change your personal and professional perspective.